Gray Page is a specialist maritime consulting group that solves problems around the world for organisations operating in the international shipping market.

Often working in sensitive circumstances and complex environments, we provide investigative, intelligence, and risk management expertise, that helps our clients manage particular commercial and operational risks, respond to crisis events and recover from the damage caused by the default, negligence or malicious acts of third parties.


Stalled recovery

It’s going to be a longer road to economic recovery for the shipping industry than previously hoped. With loans exceeding assets, dwindling orderbooks and cash flow problems, the recovery for shipping appears to be some way off.


Piracy in South China Sea

The most acute piracy threat in the South China Sea is to small – medium size tankers, carrying refined oil cargoes such as gas/diesel oil or gasoline. James Wilkes looks at the risks and what owners and operators can do to protect their vessels.


Maritime Threat Picture

The Maritime Threats and Incidents Picture – freely available on this site – provides analysis and assessments relating to commercial risks and security threats (‘enduring risks’) in hotspots around the world, as well as daily ‘current incidents’ reports.


Official sponsors

Gray Page are delighted to be official sponsors of the following events during 2016.

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International Cargo Insurance Conference 2016

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