asset protection

Crisis Management

[ Purpose ]

Putting people back in control of deteriorating situations

Helping people focus on making good decisions with imperfect knowledge whilst working under pressure

Bringing organisations through short-term trauma successfully

[ Crisis environments that we are used to working in ]
  • marine kidnap for ransom
  • ship hijacking (for cargo theft)
  • casualties and complex incidents in challenging security environments
  • maritime evacuations
  • activist extremism
  • terrorist incidents

Security risk management

[ Purpose ]

Helping companies protect people and physical assets including:

  • cargo
  • ships + yachts
  • terminals
  • warehouses
  • storage facilities
  • equipment
[ The type of projects that we are asked to undertake ]

Assessing threats and identifying vulnerability to risk

Reviewing existing processes and procedures, or developing new ones

Advising on policy

Physically protect people and property

Auditing security risk management systems

Providing interim management support when security departments and functions are failing

It’s always a pleasure working with you guys, and this one in particular highlighted your professionalism and ability to SUPPORT us WHEN WE NEED YOU THE MOST

Corporate reconnaissance

[ Purpose ]

Assisting companies establish a first-stage presence in a new country or region, while minimising exposure to commercial, operational and reputational risks

[ What sort of support does that involve? ]

Setting up a physical corporate presence

Creating ‘brand visibility’

Undertaking due-diligence on prospective suppliers and partner organisations

Fact-finding on issues of domestic law, regulations and cultural norms

Developing relationships with relevant industry bodies, government department and agencies

Ensuring the safety and security of ‘first-in’ employees