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Piracy – and violence against seafarers in particular – is still a significant problem in parts of the world, such as the Gulf of Guinea (West Africa). There are also attacks against ships in Asia Pacific, the Sulu Sea / Celebes Sea (Philippines). While ships are still at risk off the Somalia coast in the Gulf of Aden.

DFENCE is a security barrier system designed to prevent unlawful over-the-side access to ships, oil rigs and other marine installations by pirates, robbers or stowaways.

The DFENCE anti-piracy barrier is the product of two years research and development by our maritime security specialists and internationally-recognised piracy experts.

The DFENCE modules protect the ship and crew from intruder boarding over-the-rail; while still being compact and lightweight enough to ship, store, fit and unfit with ease.

DFENCE anti-piracy barrier wins Safety At Sea Best Security Product or Service of the Year 2018

Best Security Product or Service of the Year

vessel hardening BOARDING PREVENTION

The DFENCE ship perimeter protection system incorporates three outboard modules, each with a different profile, which makes climbing over it from below exceptionally difficult. Each module has been designed specifically to repel, deflect and destabilise ladders and poles and other climbing apparatus.

As part of a layered approach to vessel and platform security, the DFENCE anti-piracy barrier is both a highly visual statement that the ship has been hardened against security threats, as well as a physically disruptive obstacle to over-the-side boarding.i

Based on the tests we conducted we have concluded that DFENCE is a significant barrier against unwanted boarding. It is robust, well-constructed, impossible to tear down and difficult to climb over. It is the best system we have tested to date. Norman Kristiansen CEO, Guardian-srm Results of independent tests conducted in Denmark by former Danish armed forces personnel
a step-change in design and function PRACTICAL SHIPBOARD UTILITY

DFENCE not only has great physical security properties, it has also been designed to be easy to work with on board ship, as well as withstand the rigours of the seagoing environment.

  • Genuinely quick and simple to fit, unfit and refit.

  • Nests on standard 1000mm x 1200mm pallets for optimum storage when not in use.

  • As a modular system it will fit readily in the way of fairleads, mooring chocks and accommodation ladders, as well as go around corners.

  • Designed to accommodate different heights of fish plate and the variances in distance between fishplate and railings.

  • Will not trap water on deck.

  • Light and super-tough, the weight of the modules has been kept as low as possible without compromising strength and rigidity.

  • No components that will rust or rot, reducing significantly the costs of replacement modules and fixings.

  • Rotational moulded in UV15 high density polyethylene (HDPE), a material known for its toughness, rigidity and anti-weathering properties.

  • Safe to handle.

  • Recyclable.

  • High quality manufacturing.

  • Manufactured in ‘safety orange’ as standard, to make a highly visual statement of security posture, but can be custom-manufactured in a wide range of colours.

necessity is the mother of invention

Gray Page has been hardening ships against security threats such as piracy for years. Over that time we have used a wide variety of devices to defend the ship’s perimeter rails, including razor wire and other improvised measures. Latterly, we sea-trialled ‘security barriers’ produced by other companies.

The problem has been that although each solution had some or all of the security properties we were seeking, none was as practical in a sea-going environment as they needed to be.

In the absence of a product on the market that did everything that we wanted it to do, we decided to develop our own.

The DFENCE vessel perimeter protection system more than satisfies the guidance given in Best Management Practices for Protection against Piracy (BMP4). It is safe to handle and easy to fit, making it a superior alternative to razor wire to prevent illegal over-the-side ship boarding.

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Date of Publication: 11th April 2017

i - There is no such thing as a 100% effective security product or solution and Gray Page makes no such claim about DFENCE in that respect. There may be circumstances in which assailants might defeat a DFENCE installation. Buyers should satisfy themselves that DFENCE is fit for the purposes in which they intend to install and use it.