Investigative consulting

Criminal Investigations and Fraud Examination

[ Purpose ]

Establishing the facts behind acts of criminality + gathering evidence

Minimising the impact of a criminal acts on people and organisations + preventing such problems reoccurring

[ Activities that we are commonly asked to investigate ]
  • misappropriation
  • theft
  • hijack for cargo theft
  • employee wrong-doing
  • extortion
  • insurance fraud
  • embezzlement
  • corruption
  • sabotage
  • criminal damage and violence
Decades of experience and hard-won expertise We are experts in the investigation of cargo crime at sea and on land. In particular, we are authorities on the subject of hijack for cargo theft in West Africa and South East Asia, having dealt with more than a dozen such cases since the beginning of 2012.

Tracking Vessels

[ Purpose ]

Locating and tracking vessels that are difficult to find because they do not appear on port websites, ship-movement dabases

[ Vessels that we are frequently asked to track down ]
  • all classes of merchant ship
  • high-value motor and sailing yachts
  • fishing vessels
[ Circumstances giving rise to the need to track them ]
  • un-explained disappearance
  • sanctions compliance
  • arrest
  • litigation support
  • physical recovery + repatriation
  • loan-finance default
  • illicit trading
  • abandonment
  • insurance fraud


[ Purpose ]

Tracing people who may be able to assist our clients’ because they were an eye witness to a particular event or because individuals have knowledge of a specific subject

[ Sensitive and discreet work ]

Our role extends from establishing the existence and identification of witnesses to locating and making contact with them

We often act as the conduit for on-going communication between our clients and witnesses

We travel internationally to meet with, interview and take statements from them

Figured it might be a TOUGH one but then again WHO BETTER TO TRY AND GET ANSWERS than you

Mapping Corporate Structures

[ Purpose ]

Establishing how organisations and groups of companies are structured

Evidencing beneficial ownership, corporate control, financial and asset structuring arrangements

[ Circumstances that usually require bringing clarity to complex corporate structures ]

Obtaining various forms of injunctive relief against financial assets and property

Pursuing associate-ship arrests

Independent validation of the provenance and governance of companies

Counter-party identification and screening

Asset Tracing

[ Purpose ]

The identification of the existence of assets where they are located, how they are owned and how they are controlled

[ Assets that we are usually asked to trace ]
  • ships
  • yachts
  • cargoes
  • bunkers
  • money
  • aircraft
  • real estate
  • personal property
  • financial instruments

We also provide insight into which assets are likely to be worth pursuing and why taking into account realisable value, as well as issues of jurisdiction and ownership

Integrity Assessment

[ Purpose ]

Mitigating the risks arising from the potential non-performance of a counter-party

Identification of factors that influence the ability of counterparties to meet contractual obligations

[ Solid due diligence in changeable environments ]

Insight into the track record of individuals and companies

Uncovering undisclosed disputes or liabilities

Substantiating undertakings, warranties and guarantees

Mapping operational, political, ethical, cultural and legislative drivers in new markets