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DFENCE anti-piracy barrier system passes test conducted by Danish ex-special forces.

Our DFENCE system passes a special test!

Late last year we were invited by a shipowner to provide a DFENCE system for testing in Denmark by Guardian-srm, an independent security risk management company founded by former members of Denmark’s elite special operations force (SOF), the Jaeger Corps (Jægerkorpset).

In mid-December, we travelled to Aalborg, Denmark to attend the test on a special-purpose cargo ship provided for the exercise.

Following a demonstration on how to fit the system, team members at Guardian-srm – who had seen recent service in the Jaeger Corps and Denmark’s maritime SOF, Frogman Corps (Frømandskorpset) – set about trying to defeat the system using long boarding ladders and rope-climbing equipment from a powerful rigid-hull inflatable boat (RHIB). In a test of the system’s strength, ropes were also attached firmly to the system and the RHIB to see if it could be pulled off the ship’s rails.

The DFENCE system did everything it was designed to do; performing robustly under the demanding examination of the formidable team from Guardian-srm.

Following the testing, Norman Kristiansen, CEO of Guardian-srm was pleased to provide us with the following testimonial:

“Based on the tests we conducted we have concluded that DFENCE is a significant barrier against unwanted boarding. It is robust, well-constructed, impossible to tear down and difficult to climb over. It is the best system we have tested to date.”

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