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Gray Page openly share threat intelligence with the shipping community


Specialist maritime consulting group Gray Page is providing its Maritime Threats and Incidents Picture through its website as a freely available resource for the shipping community.

Constructed on an interactive Google map platform, the threats and incidents picture focuses on both commercial risks and physical threats to shipping, in key hotspots around the world.

Jim Mainstone Head of Intelligence at Gray Page said:

“We hope that by sharing reliable risk analysis with the shipping community, the industry will be able to mitigate some of the inherent risks in shipping. All the information in the Maritime Threats and Incidents Picture is gathered from reliable and well-placed sources, using sound intelligence principles. We have concentrated on providing intelligence that is commercially relevant to the shipping industry and presented it in a user-friendly manner.”

Gray Page’s Maritime Threats and Incidents Picture is easily accessible and freely available for anyone in the shipping industry to use.  It contains expert analysis and assessment, but Gray Page have taken a straightforward approach to explaining what is happening, what it means and what can be done to mitigate the risk.

The Maritime Threats and Incidents Picture contains information and assessments on commercial risks such as fraud, sanctions, corruption and trafficking, as well as physical threats to ships and seafarers such as piracy, kidnap for ransom, armed robbery and hijack for cargo theft.

To see the map, current incidents, threats and enduring risks visit: www.graypage.com/threat-picture

Free email alerts are available, sign up on the website or follow Gray Page on Twitter.

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About Gray Page

Established in 2003, Gray Page is a specialist maritime consulting group that solves problems around the world for organisations operating in the international shipping markets. Headquartered in the UK, with offices in Singapore and New York, we employ more than 20 people specialising in Investigations, Intelligence and Asset Protection.

Over the last ten years, Gray Page has handled more than 3,500 cases and projects worldwide for a broad range of clients including cargo owners and insurers, shipowners, charterers, lawyers and P&I Clubs. We have a strong record of success in delivering results that mitigate losses, protect assets and provide the platform for successful litigation.

Gray Page provides investigative, intelligence and risk management services. These include: investigating cargo theft, losses, damage, disappearances and fraud; tracing assets and lifting corporate veils; locating vessels and witnesses; and providing asset protection and intelligence services that help organisations prepare for, respond to and recover from crisis events.


Theresa Canning
Head of Marketing
Tel: +44 1865 861430
Email: theresa.canning@graypage.com

Jim Mainstone
Head of Intelligence
Tel: +44 1865 861418
Email: jim.mainstone@graypage.com


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