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Gray Page teams up with North P&I Club to provide enhanced maritime threat picture


Specialist maritime intelligence, investigation and risk management company Gray Page has teamed up with ‘A’ rated North P&I Club to provide an enhanced online intelligence picture of maritime threats and incidents. Based on an interactive map, the threat picture, currently freely available on the Gray Page website (www.graypage.com/threat-picture) can now also be accessed (as from 13 January 2015) on North’s website (www.nepia.com).

Jim Mainstone, Head of Intelligence, Gray Page says, “Gray Page first developed and launched the Maritime Threat Picture back in 2013. Then last year, North and Gray Page began jointly collecting intelligence on the ‘enduring risks’ facing shipping for the purposes of populating the Maritime Threat Picture. This joint intelligence gathering has resulted in over 70 risks and threats linked to specific areas, countries, coastlines or ports.”

North Joint Managing Director Alan Wilson says, “The maritime threats picture is the latest stage of our collaborative relationship with Gray Page, which started in 2011 with the launch of our vetting service for armed maritime security providers. The interactive tool provides real-time information on maritime incidents, casualties and threats to shipping worldwide, enabling our Members to respond quickly and immediately to current incidents.”

The Maritime Threat Picture is available to anyone in the maritime industry to use – either via Gray Page’s website www.graypage.com or for North’s members at www.nepia.com. Mainstone says, “Gray Page hope that by sharing reliable risk analysis with everyone in the shipping community, the industry will be able to mitigate some of the inherent risks in shipping.”

Based on an interactive Google map platform, the Maritime Threat Picture is easy to navigate and identifies current incidents, enduring risks and JWC listed areas. “It provides a unique combination of expert analysis and advice that is freely accessible, localised and focuses on both the commercial risks and physical security threats to shipping,” says North Joint Managing Director Paul Jennings.

Importantly, the Maritime Threat Picture covers commercial, as well as physical security threats to shipping. The ‘enduring risks’ cover everything from the threat of hijacking and stowaways, to fines, problems associated with loading or discharging cargo and delays at individual ports.

Mainstone says, “We are delighted to be continuing our collaboration with North. By combining our maritime intelligence expertise, which draws upon a reliable global source network, with North’s extensive knowledge and experience of worldwide shipping liabilities, we are able to present a practical and comprehensive picture of current maritime risks.”

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