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piracy infographic statistics

Attacks on ships: Statistics can never give the full picture

What do the statistics tell us and what is not being reported?


Gulf of Guinea piracy; lessons from Somalia don’t apply

Piracy in the Somali basin has almost ceased and the focus of world concern about piracy has shifted decisively to West Africa. Can the same lessons be applied?

Ships low sulphur fuel 2020

Low sulphur marine fuels: Non-compliance is the costliest option

From January 1, ships are barred from using fuels with a sulphur content of more than 0.50%. In the world of marine fuels, this is seismic change. For decades, ships have been able to burn…

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Shipping needs right brain thinkers too

Where is there room in shipping to be creative? To experiment and do a bit of day-dreaming? Who is encouraging success through trial and error, rather than prescription? James Wilkes writes for Splash247 how to…

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Brillante Virtuoso – victory for war underwriters in maritime insurance fraud trial

On the night of 5-6 July 2011 the Brillante Virtuoso appeared to be the latest victim of a Somali pirate attack. This month, the High Court Justice concluded the beneficial owner was the “instigator of…

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Duty of fair presentation – preliminary observations – in nickel losses court case

On October 2nd the UK High Court handed down its highly-anticipated judgment in a case that raised issues of the duty of fair presentation under the Insurance Act 2015. Publication: Kennedys Law


Speaking at the Belgian Association of Marine Underwriters

2nd April 2019 Joe Corless, Operation Director, Gray Page, will be giving a talk about misappropriation to the Belgian Association of Marine Underwriters. The talk will look at misappropriation – what is it, where it’s…

Cargo Risk Factors Infographic A4


Cargo misappropriation gives rise to claims that routinely run to millions of dollars. Yet the drivers and mechanisms of misappropriation, and the ways potential victims can mitigate the risks, are not always understood.

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Adventurer pulls off world first

Jordan Wylie, the Gray Page sponsored fund-raiser and adventurer, has pulled off a world-first. He rowed unsupported across one the world’s most dangerous bodies of waters, the Bab el-Mandeb Straits. “This was the toughest thing…

Togo anchorage

The world’s most dangerous waters

Attacks on shipping in the Gulf of Guinea showed no let-up in the first three months of 2019.


The Human Touch in a Digital World

Over the last 20 years and more, tracking the movements of individual ships has changed considerably. It has become easier in some ways thanks to the development of web-based platforms, but, for every action there is an opposite reaction.

Managing a crisis at sea

The emotions of a crisis: From the inside

Think about the last time you were involved in responding to and managing a crisis. A proper crisis that is. Where lives were endangered and reputations at risk. Where events evolved erratically beyond your control….

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DFENCE anti-piracy barrier wins Safety At Sea Best Security Product or Service of the Year 2018

DFENCE anti-piracy barrier wins Safety At Sea Awards Best Security Product or Service of the Year 2018

We are very proud to have won the IHS Markit Safety at Sea Awards 2018 for the Best Security Product or Service of the Year, 2018, for our DFENCE anti-piracy barrier.

International Cargo Insurance Conference

International Cargo Insurance Conference 2019

Gray Page is delighted to be a platinum sponsor of the 2019 International Cargo Insurance Conference (ICIC). Taking place on 17-19 June at a new venue – the De Vere Latimer Estate in Buckinghamshire, ICIC…

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