Vessel boarding and kidnap threat, Philippines and Borneo


Since the end of March 2016, there have been three separate maritime kidnappings of crewmembers from tugboats operating in Malaysian territorial waters between Sabah State, Malaysia, and the southern Philippines. Each incident was perpetrated by…

A long road to recovery: shipping 2016


It’s going to be a longer road to economic recovery for the shipping industry than previously hoped. With loans exceeding assets, dwindling orderbooks and cash flow problems, any recovery in the shipping sector has well…

Outlook for the shipping industry; is the worst now behind us?


Some vessel sectors are seeing higher freight and charter rates in 2015, but these signs of optimism are being tempered by other macroeconomic factors, such as falling commodity prices, a tumbling Chinese stock market and…

The piracy threat in the South China Sea; mitigating the risks


James Wilkes, Managing Director of Gray Page, answers questions about the ongoing piracy risk, put to him by Breakbulk News Editor, Carly Fields. 1. What should operators do to mitigate the growing risks of piracy in…

OW Bunker – Can’t we talk this through?


The bunker market used to be a fairly convivial place to do business. Similar to other sectors in the City, lunchtimes and the hours after work were often spent in the company of fellow suppliers,…

Plain speaking on piracy: what happened in 2014 and what should happen in 2015


James Wilkes of Gray Page – writing in  Cargo Security Intelligence, where this article first appeared – issues an unequivocal call to shipowners and governments to take concerted and firm action over the issue of…

Christmas casualties: are holiday periods a more dangerous time to be at sea?


by Capt. John Evanson, Master Mariner Why was there such a concentration of maritime “casualties” over the end of year holiday period? The incidents with NORMAN ATLANTIC (IMO 9435466, built 2009), BULK JUPITER (IMO 9339947,…

The Waiting Game: why recovery in the shipping sector has stalled


Predictions of a recovery in the shipping sector in 2014 have proved to be premature. James Walters of Gray Page – writing in Bunkerspot, where this article first appeared – looks at why the much anticipated upturn may…

Ebola and the Shipping Industry


What does the current Ebola outbreak mean for the shipping industry, especially for those operating or chartering ships calling at ports in West Africa? The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has been declared an international…

Ten things you should know about piracy in West Africa


1.There are various types of maritime crime in West Africa; generally, only two of these can be considered as piracy – ‘hijack for cargo theft’ and ‘kidnap for ransom’. 2. Hijack for cargo theft has…

Ship security alert systems are failing at the time they are needed most


Ship security alert systems are a statutory requirement, but conforming only to the minimum standards undermines their practical value when ships are under threat. Fortunately, with a little thought and application, ship security alert systems…

The changing dynamic of West African maritime crime in 2013/2014


Kidnappings up 85 per cent, overall maritime crime up 21 per cent, successful hijack for cargo theft down by 50 per cent: the ever shifting threat in West Africa. Last year reported incidents of maritime…

Global maritime incident monthly (October 2013)


Report, in PDF format, mapping major maritime incidents, including piracy, maritime crime and maritime casulties which took place during October 2013.

What are the impacts of an expanded JWC listed area in the Gulf of Guinea?


In June 2013, the Lloyd’s Joint War Committee (JWC) expanded its Gulf of Guinea Listed Area – previously consisting of Nigerian and Beninese waters – to include Togolese waters north of 3˚N. This announcement came…

Global maritime incident monthly (September 2013)


Report, in PDF format, mapping major maritime incidents, including piracy, maritime crime and maritime casulties which took place during September 2013.

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