Over the last 12 years our work has taken us to 68 countries.

Europe North/East case studies


Investigation of losses of physical oil stocks in refinery storage and subject to collateral management agreements.


Investigation in respect of a multi-million dollar loss of commodities from storage.

Czech Republic

Political risk assessment identifying the barriers impairing the successful progress of a technology venture underpinned by significant financial investment.


Auditing the security procedures of a class of oil tanker on behalf of a major oil company.


Crisis response and hostage negotiation support for a shipowner whose vessel was hijacked by Somalia-based pirates.


Locating, arresting and recovering a fishing vessel on behalf of its ultimate beneficial owners.


Research in respect of expert witness support to clients engaged in arbitration proceedings arising out of piracy-related issues.


Tracing witnesses central to legal proceedings arising out of a high profile tanker casualty.


Engaged by a shipowner to investigate the circumstances underlying an oil pollution incident to discount their vessel as the cause and establish supporting evidence for potential litigation against the actual polluter.


Investigation into financial losses or from trading soft commodities into a West African country.

Europe South case studies

Canary Islands

Retro-fitting security equipment and physical hardening measures to a fleet of product tankers during dry-docking.


Interviewing potential witnesses and evidence collection regarding a major insurance claim for the storage and supervision of bulk fuel.


Multi-jurisdictional investigation arising out of allegations of corporate restructuring and asset dissipation to avoid claims in relation to an oil pollution incident.


Fact-finding in relation to significant insurance claim for damage to goods in transit.


Engaged by cargo interests to pursue and secure a vessel at the centre of a charterparty dispute with defaulting shipowners.


Investigation of offshore tuna fishing practices at the centre of a commercial dispute.


Advising an investment syndicate during pre-trading negotiations with foreign oil companies representatives.

Africa North & middle east case studies


High level briefing on Somalia-based piracy for coalition naval commanders.


Engaged by cargo interests to negotiate a resolution to a protracted dispute with defaulting shipowners.


Post-release survey of the security posture a vessel hijacked for ransom by Somalia-based pirates undertaken on behalf of cargo insurers challenging a general average claim.


Providing a security escort to a substantial sum of cash in transit.

Morocco & Tunisia

Field research into the operational and risk profile of North Africa / Mediterranean-trading passenger and cargo ferries.


Crisis management support following the release of a ship hijacked for ransom by Somali-based pirates.


Acting on behalf of an international bank to trace the location of a luxury motor yacht at the centre of loan finance default and practicability of its lawful repossession and repatriation.


Extensive investigation into the restructuring of the commercial activities of a regionally head-quartered conglomerate in the course of protracted multi-jurisdictional litigation.


Engaged by a major European shipowner to conduct a detailed review and assessment of regional private maritime security companies offering unarmed and armed guarding services.

Africa Sub-sahara case studies


Retained by a global energy trading group to undertake a review of the operational and security risks faced by its locally-trading subsidiary.


Acting for insurers to investigate the theft of gasoil cargoes by ship hijacking and unlawful ship-to-ship transfers. Liaison with local parties in relation to seizure of stolen product and associated litigation.


Investigation of the circumstances of an organised criminal theft of industrial products, including enquiries and analysis of internal and external processes of the South African supply chain to support recovery and prevention.

Cote D'Ivoire & Namibia

Contracted by a shipowner to improve the physical security posture of a product tanker fleet trading in the Gulf of Guinea.


Vessel surveying and evidence collection in relation to multiple hijack and cargo theft incidents.


Detailed due diligence on a port agency network engaged in container import and export processing.


Site investigations on a multi-million dollar collateral management loss. Identification and interview of sources, supervision of survey and re-tally operations and advisory on stock-monitoring.


Acting for shipowners and cargo interests to investigate the theft of gasoil cargoes by way of ship hijacking and unlawful ship-to-ship transfers.


Multi-country investigation into significant physical losses of cargo stored under collateral management agreements in customs-bonded facilities.

Sierra Leone

Advising a global energy company on the security management of the agricultural estate, factory facilities and operating infrastructure of its renewable energy subsidiary.

South Africa

Damage survey, witness interviews and evidence collection relating to a multi-model marine cargo claim.


Intervention on behalf of cargo interests to ensure the preservation and subsequent delivery of a perishable break-bulk cargo during a voyage that had become impaired due to the financial abandonment of the vessel by its owners.


Investigation into losses of containerised cargoes of soft commodities, copper and rare earth metals arising out of suspected organised criminal activity.


Auditing the security posture of product tankers in the Gulf of Guinea for an energy trading group.

Asia Pacific case studies


Conducting security audits of oil tankers on behalf of a major oil company.


Investigation into allegations of physical stock losses of metals and anomalies arising out of multi-party credit finance facilities.


Provision of counter-piracy advice to the Indian shipping industry.


Delivering a detailed review of the ownership and asset structures of a European shipping company for a local client.


Investigation of the hijack for cargo theft of a product tanker, including crew interviews aboard vessel post release. Advisory on possible connections to prior hijack incidents.


Tracing witnesses central to legal proceedings arising out of a high profile casualty in the Middle East.


Due diligence enquiries on barge operations active in sugar transhipments from Koh Sichang anchorage.


Broad study of the environmental impact and sustainability of fishing industry practices, fleet development and fisheries management.

The Americas case studies


Obtaining documentary evidence of ownership connections with offshore companies operating in Mexico border free zone.


Investigations into cargo operations at a port terminal and identification of the sequence of events that occurred during cargo operations on board a vessel.


Acting on behalf of insurers to investigate an alleged cargo loss arising from the sinking of a products tanker in the Caribbean Sea.