Ships low sulphur fuel 2020

Low sulphur marine fuels: Non-compliance is the costliest option


From January 1, ships are barred from using fuels with a sulphur content of more than 0.50%. In the world of marine fuels, this is seismic change. For decades, ships have been able to burn…

piracy infographic statistics

Attacks on ships: Statistics can never give the full picture


What do the statistics tell us and what is not being reported?

Gulf of Guinea piracy; lessons from Somalia don’t apply


Piracy in the Somali basin has almost ceased and the focus of world concern about piracy has shifted decisively to West Africa. Can the same lessons be applied?

Managing a crisis at sea

The emotions of a crisis: From the inside


Think about the last time you were involved in responding to and managing a crisis. A proper crisis that is. Where lives were endangered and reputations at risk. Where events evolved erratically beyond your control….

Crisis management at sea

The emotions of a crisis: From the outside


At the very moment that the pressures of a crisis may make the crisis management team (CMT) least able to communicate clearly and effectively, people…

Clashes between Indonesia and Vietnam reflect wider regional unease


Tensions between Indonesia and Vietnam over fishing rights have come to the fore…

Togo anchorage

The world’s most dangerous waters


Attacks on shipping in the Gulf of Guinea showed no let-up in the first three months of 2019.


Effective Security is security that works


Unconscious biases relating to cost, conformity and compliance are undermining effective security I was asked to speak at a conference recently about maritime security and given 12 minutes in which to do so. Being asked…

Ship's officer in the dock for breaking environmental regulations, but who is really to blame and who should shoulder the burden?

Cruising for a Bruising


Captain Evans Hoyt is a cruise ship officer of vast experience who once gave evidence to a US Congressional Committee on cruise ship safety. He now has a conviction from a French court for breaking…

Large salvage barge involved in wreck salvage operations

The strange case of the disappearing ship wrecks


Reports about the plundering of Second World War warships sunk in action in South East Asia have been appearing in the UK, Dutch and Australian press. Some time ago Gray Page made an intensive study of the way in which these vessels…

Whistle-blowing: Seafarers shouldn’t have to choose between their conscience or their career


In 2017 a US court awarded a cruise ship engineer $1 million for reporting the illegal discharge of oily waste at sea. At the time he blew the whistle he was 27 years old working…

Shipping sulphur 2020

#sulphur2020 – Cleaner fuels are looking messy for marine cargo insurers


If you work in shipping and you read the news, it cannot have escaped your attention that from 1 January 2020 the permitted amount of sulphur in marine fuel oil will fall…

The Human Touch in a Digital World


Over the last 20 years and more, tracking the movements of individual ships has changed considerably. It has become easier in some ways thanks to the development of web-based platforms, but, for every action there is an opposite reaction.

Cargo Risk Factors Infographic A4



Cargo misappropriation gives rise to claims that routinely run to millions of dollars. Yet the drivers and mechanisms of misappropriation, and the ways potential victims can mitigate the risks, are not always understood.

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