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We are a specialist advisory and consulting group that solves problems around the world for companies and organisations in shipping, insurance and international trade.

We use investigative, intelligence and security expertise to help clients protect what they value most and overcome damage caused by the default, negligence or malicious acts of third parties.

We put people back in control of deteriorating situations, give them an advantage over their adversaries, accelerate the pace of their progress and remove barriers standing in the way of their success.


Over the last 15 years we have handled more than 5,000 cases and projects, and our work has taken us to more than 80 countries.

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This is perfect you guys are good Every comment about us that you will read on this site is a genuine quotation from a client or stakeholder that we have worked with. We have not altered or embellished them. We do, however, consider the confidentiality of their identity to be sacrosanct. Therefore, we have refrained from identifying the individual concerned, or their company or organisation.

Our work

Since starting up in 2003, we’ve worked physically in more than 80 countries, dealing with problems ranging from Somalia-based piracy to establishing the probity of trading partners in emerging economies, from the misappropriation of millions of dollars-worth of commodities to the challenges of operating securely in Ebola-affected countries and whole lot else in between.

We’ve handled more than 4,000 cases and projects, been involved in ground-breaking legal cases, led the way on countering problems such as hijacking for cargo theft and become the people that the world’s leading marine and speciality insurers go to when faced with complex and high-value claims.

Genuine Expertise

Our investigative, intelligence and security risk management expertise is founded on substantial professional expertise in a range of maritime and associated disciplines.

We are regularly retained as expert witnesses, providing oral and written evidence at court and arbitration proceedings on matters such as:

  • Piracy, violent maritime crime and terrorism
  • Charterparty disputes
  • Marine insurance fraud
  • SOLAS, the ISPS Code and other regulatory frameworks
  • Corporate structuring and asset ownership arrangements
  • Sanctions and embargo regimes
we are
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Professionally, we are mariners, brokers, traders, adjusters, investigators, soldiers, accountants, marketers, academics and business people. We know how to transport cargoes by sea, trade commodities globally, finance, insure and protect valuable assets, and operate in regulated and unregulated markets. Privately, we are adventurers, pilots, sailors, musicians, sportspeople and volunteers. We know how to explore, fly, sail, perform, compete, coach and help out.

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